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Choros Tap


The Visionary TIBO Choros Tap is a Wi-Fi Bluetooth multiroom speaker with Amazon Alexa built in, designed and created in the UK by the TIBO team, perfect for any room.


  • Tap to Talk with Amazon Alexa
  • 5 direct presets for internet radio and playlists
  • Multiplay and multiplace wireless speaker
  • Playback in single, stereo or group mode
  • High-Resolution audio streaming via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • Controlled by free downloadable TIBO app
  • Design and engineered in the UK


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TIBO Choros Tap is TIBO’s first, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Multiroom speaker supported by Amazon Alexa.

This Smart Audio speaker provides near field control activation by a light touch, allowing users to play music, stream podcasts, listen to audio books, set alarms, make to do lists and access real time information relating to news, weather and traffic. The Choros Tap will also operate home automation systems and control smart devices within the house.

Like all Choros speakers it has TIBO Bounce capability and can be controlled with the easy to use FREE TIBO app. It can be used as a single stand-alone speaker or can be connected to other Smart Audio speakers in stereo or group mode to play lossless High-Resolution audio streamed via Bluetooth or Wi Fi from a variety of sources. Plus, thousands of internet radio stations and playlists to can be readily available using the five direct pre-sets.

The multipurpose TIBO Choros Tap can be connected to other devices with a 3.5mm line-in. Its powerful sound is delivered with 30 watt of RMS power 6 ohms 88 dB 180Hz-15KHz

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