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Choros Porta


The transportable, rechargeable TIBO Choros Porta is a slightly smaller, taller version of TIBO Choros 2 complete with a carry handle. This active speaker makes music entertainment available whenever and wherever it is needed with its Bluetooth capability, Wi-Fi mode and line-in feature.

With TIBO Choros Porta High Resolution audio can be streamed and played in single, stereo or group mode from a range of different sources. Plus, its five pre-sets mean allows thousands of internet radio stations or playlists can be easily managed. This Multiplay and Multiconnect speaker is fully controllable with the FREE TIBO app.


  • High-Resolution audio streaming via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • 5 direct pre-sets for internet radio and playlists
  • Portable battery operated multiroom speaker
  • Multiplay and multiplace
  • Playback in single, stereo or group mode
  • Controlled by free downloadable TIBO app
  • Designed and engineered in the UK


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With the deceptively simple TIBO Choros Porta users can create a multiroom, Multiplay sound system in seconds. TIBO Choros Porta has more functionality and power than most product in the market place at this price point. TIBO’s quality sound reproduction combine with a unique, style make this speaker standout in any environment.

Controlled by the FREE TIBO app and with TIBO Bounce as standard, Choros Porta uses Smart Audio to generate great, high resolution sound which can be streamed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. TIBO Choros Porta can be used on its own or in group mode connected to one of more Smart Audio speakers at the touch of a button. It is a Multiconnect and Multiplay active speaker complete with 5 direct pre-sets for streaming thousands of internet radio stations and playlists.

The Choros Porta’s rechargeable lithium ion batteries deliver a minimum of eight hours of playback time. The speaker comes complete with 3.5mm line-in for connecting to other devices, Wi-Fi or DLNA for connecting to the internet.2 x 2.0” drive unit for natural high frequency response and 1 x stiff spider speaker for controlled tight bass. TIBO Choros Porta High Resolution audio is delivered by 25W of RMS power supplied by a class D Amp 4 Ohms and 85 dB 200Hz-15KHz.

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