Bond 2

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Bond 2.png

Bond 2


TIBO Bond 2 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streamer

Wireless or LAN high resolution audio receiver for streaming via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Line-in/out and compatible with B&O powerlink.

Make part of your multiroom system and control by free TIBO app.


  • Wireless music receiver
  • Direct pre-sets for internet radio
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi multiroom streaming
  • Trigger function for active speakers
  • Line-in and Line-out
  • Compatible with B&O powerlink
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TIBO Bond range is developed for customers who already are happy with their current music system. They simply like to upgrade to Smart Audio. The Bond 2 connects to the current system and lets you stream music from your mobile devices. In addition, to the features of Mini, Bond 2 has Bluetooth and Line-in inputs, pre-sets for internet radio and trigger function for active speakers. 

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