About TIBO

TIBO Limited was founded back in 2010 in Milton Keynes, UK. Our values are to bring to the market quality, reliable performance enhancing products, in the consumer electronic sector. We achieve this by keeping every part of the business in-house: Design, Research and Development (R&D), Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service. We empower our staff with the same vision.


The Future Is Smart!

TIBO’s Smart Audio range takes listening to a whole new level. Beneath the beautifully crafted surface of each individual product lies cutting edge, innovative technology that delivers music wherever, whenever its wanted.

Our team’s tradition for developing pioneering audio products and its wealth of history in consumer electronics is driven by a philosophy that recognises it is the final 2% of the design that results in the extraordinary. The development of Smart Audio by the company at its UK head Office, brings the future forward to today. The new products see the company’s core values bound to modern technology, encased in traditional materials, to deliver beautiful sound and clean elegant lines with a high-quality finish.

Smart Audio is manufactured to TIBO’s strict quality guidelines in carefully chosen factories that value team effort, long term partnerships and customer feedback. A tried and tested approach that has made the company a winning and successful one.


Brand Values


All TIBO’s design research and development is in-house resulting in reliable, high performance products supported by excellent customer service.


Our empowered staff, our business partners and our customers share the same passionate vision, contributing to the success of TIBO’s products with their knowledge and skill.


TIBO’s forward thinking engineers have a wealth of live music and sound reproduction experience. They continually seek to push the boundaries with the creation of inventive audio products using ingenious, ground breaking solutions and state of the art technologies.

Value For Money 

The TIBO team’s expertise in fusing audio engineering and technological innovation enables users to discover the hidden depths of their music collection without breaking busting!


TIBO’s reputation is built on the honesty, inherent in its culture and rich heritage. Every product that bears the company’s name is created at the Milton Keynes R & D centre by a team that is genuinely excited at delivering customers dreams.


TIBO Sponsorship

As part of our commitment to the community we share our success by sponsoring the vital work of local and national charity projects and initiatives.  Our aim is to make a positive impact on those around us. We are always interested in learning about new opportunities that are in harmony with our ambitions.