Harmony 2

The TIBO Harmony 2 is an affordable, genuine Hi Fi speaker with a stylish compact design making it a popular choice for discerning listeners.

The 1” soft silk dome tweeter and 1 x 4” long throw woofer unit are more typical of speakers costing several times more. The removable neodymium grills complete the stunning performance.

The Harmony range of speakers can be used as monitors for a compact studio or as a DJ unit. They can also be simply plugged into any Hi Fi and enjoyed in the home. The speakers can be paired with the TIBO Sia75 and the TIBO Amp435 or with the TIBO Smart Amp to gain Bluetooth or Wi Fi connectivity and turn any Hi Fi into a wireless audio system.

The Harmony 2 is 100W speaker with 55Hz-20KHz frequency response, 4-8ohms impedance and 86 dB sensitivity.

Harmony 2

Harmony 4

The TIBO Harmony 4 speaker is next in the range and delivers a punchy, dynamic sound that is infectious and fun to listen to. These are perfect for listening to a wide range of musical genres bringing a new vitality to the users listening experience.

The 28cm tall speakers feature a 1” soft silk dome tweeter, 1 x 5.25” long throw woofer unit and removable neodymium grills. Their size makes them easy to position, they are flexible enough to work at full range in a small room and the rear tuned port makes them ideal in a larger one.

The Harmony 4 is a 150W speaker with 45Hz-20KHz frequency response, 4-8 ohms impedance and 86 dB sensitivity.


Harmony 8

TIBO Harmony 8 is the largest and most powerful speaker in the range. It’s sonic precision and dynamic response delivers a detailed and crispness throughout the mid-range and bass. The Harmony 8 provides one of the mightiest sound experiences in its price range.

In building this solid cabinet, TIBO have paid particular attention to driver matching to achieve a cohesive sound with sonic precision and a dynamic response. The 1 x 5.25” long throw woofer is supported by internal braces to ensure it performs to the best of its ability giving an impressive range. The speaker also features a 1” soft silk dome tweeter and removable neodymium grills.

The Harmony 8 is 200W speaker with 40Hz-20KHz frequency response, 4-8ohms impedance and 87 dB sensitivity.

Harmony 8