Choros Tap 

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TIBO Choros Tap is the UK’s first third party, multi-play, multi-connect active speaker supported by Amazon Alexa.


This Smart Audio speaker provides near field control activation by a light touch, allowing users to play music, stream podcasts, listen to audio books, set alarms, make to do lists and access real time information relating to news, weather and traffic. The Choros Tap will also operate home automation systems and control smart devices within the house.


Like all Choros speakers it has TIBO Bounce capability and can be controlled with the easy to use FREE TIBO App. It can be used as a single stand-alone speaker or can be connected to other Smart Audio speakers in stereo or group mode to play lossless High Resolution audio streamed via Bluetooth or Wi Fi from a variety of sources. Plus, thousands of internet radio stations and playlists to can be readily available using the five pre-sets.


The multipurpose Choros Tap can be connected to other devices with a 3.5mm line-in. Its powerful sound is delivered with 30 watt of RMS power 6 ohms 88 dB 180Hz-15KHz


Interaction with the TIBO Choros is currently only available in English and German.

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Rest of the Choros Range 

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Choros Porta

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The transportable, rechargeable Choros Porta is a slightly smaller, taller version of the Choros 2 complete with a carry handle and pouch. This active speaker makes music entertainment available whenever and wherever it is needed with its Bluetooth capability, Wi Fi mode and line-in feature.


With the Choros Porta High Resolution audio can be streamed and played in single, stereo or group mode from a range of different sources. Plus, its five pre-sets mean thousands of internet radio stations or play lists can be easily managed. This multi-play, multi-connect speaker is fully controllable with the FREE TIBO app


This portable speaker is built with a rechargeable lithium ion battery and can deliver up to eight hours of music entertainment. It is supplied in a fabric carry pouch with a micro USB charging cable and features a 3.5mm line in to allow connection to other devices. The Choros 2 packs 25watt of RMS power 4 ohms 85 dB 200Hz-15KHz


Choros 4

The next level in the range is the stylish Choros 4. Capable of filling a room with quality High Resolution audio, this speaker has multi-connect and multi-play capabilities.


Controlled by the FREE TIBO App, with TIBO Bounce Bluetooth capability the Choros 4 can be used to playback music in single, stereo or group mode at the touch of a button. The speaker can be used on its own, paired to recreate stereo sound or operated in group mode with more Smart Audio speakers. Music from a wider range of sources such as iTunes and Spotify can be streamed via Bluetooth of Wi Fi and the five pre-sets allow thousands of internet radio stations and playlists to be stored.


The slightly larger Choros 4 comes with 3.5mm line-in for connecting to other devices, 1 x 4” drive unit and rear tuned port for controlled tight bass and a 2 x 1” dome tweeter for natural high frequency response. Its rich true to life sound is delivered with 40 watt of RMS power supplied by a class D Amp 4 ohms 88 dB 100Hz-20KHz and features a 3.5mm line in for connecting other devices.